Thursday, March 15, 2012


Arthur is a show most people don't first think of when they reminisce on the 90's however, it was definitely a part of my childhood. The show came on as soon as I got home from school and I never missed an episode.  It was only 30 minutes long but It never seemed to disappoint. All of the characters on the show were good, but my favorite two people had to have been Muffy and Buster. They were complete opposites! Muffy was a rich spoiled brat where Buster was the kind nice kid, everyone wanted as their best friend. DW, Arthurs little sister, was also a good character, as she always caused trouble and annoyed Arthur when he was with his friends. I could always relate as I frequently called Jen, my little sister, DW as well. Some of the shows greatest moments are when the whole cast sings "having fun isn't hard when you've got a library card". I remember singing along to that catchy song for days, almost unable to contain how excited I was to get my first library card. It taught me to get excited about reading and school ever since I was little and can probably be blamed for my antisocial lifestyle all the way up until 8th grade. Freshman year was the last time I can remember watching an episode of Arthur, because it just happened to be on as I flipped through the channels. its always fun to go back to the good old days and re watch what you used to think was the greatest thing in the whole wide world. I give Arthur a 5 out of 5 stars. It's still on the air today and its still something anyone can watch and feel satisfied about. Arthurs a classic show from the 90's that I hope my kids will enjoy watching when they are kids.

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